Laura McCarthy

Paul Brekus

Paul and Barbara's Wedding

Aardvark Record Mastering

Cape Cod Reunion, July 12, 2001

Standing: Harry Halliday, Betty Halliday, Gina Febbraro, Jamie Brekus, Pete Brekus, Cecilia Brekus, Jim Brekus, Priscilla Brekus (on bike), Paul Brekus, Barbara Brekus
Kneeling: Andrew Brekus, Lori Brekus, Sophie Febbraro. Anthony Febbraro, Julie Febbraro.

Peter, Jim, Priscilla, Paul, and Andrew Brekus

This page is for everyone who is a Brekus. My grandfather George Brekus was the one who dropped the "H" out of the more common Brekhus, which isn't really that common in the first place. Above are some links for some of the Brekus family. Me, I'm Paul Brekus, and I have a little company that makes phonograph records. I also enjoy riding old fashioned bicycles.

If you are a Brekus, and would like to have some information posted on Brekus.Org, please don't hesitate to contact me. I believe that I know every one of the non-"H" Brekus's.

George Brekus married Anne Trolin, and had two sons, Charles and Gordon.

Charles married Priscilla Humphrey, and had four sons, James, Peter, Paul and Andrew.
James married Cecilia, and Peter married Jamie.
Paul married Cathi Burress, and had two daughters, Laura and Andrea. Paul and Cathi divorced in 1994. Paul married Barbara Heckler 01/01/01.
Andrew married Lori, and had two sons, Drew and Dean, and another is on the way!
Laura married Kevin McCarthy.

Gordon married Trudy, and had a son, Richard, and two daughters, Carol and Cathy.
Richard married Sheryne, and has two sons, Matthew and Daniel.
Carol married David Watson, and has a daughter Brooke, and a son Andrew.
Cathy married Erik, and has two daughters Claire, and most recently (10/31/2001), Rachel.

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