An Ordinary Wedding

January First, 2001

When the newfangled device that had two equal sized wheels, a chain drive, and the rider lower to the ground was developed, this new version of the bicycle was know as a "Safety", if it had pump up tires, a "Pneumatic Safety". All the old fashioned High Wheel bicycles, which needed the larger front wheel to go faster, as chains were neither strong nor light, became know as "Ordinary Bicycles." Hence Barbara and I decided on an "Ordinary" wedding.

For this purpose, we commissioned two other ordinary riders; Steve Stevens, record holder for shortest time from San Francisco to Boston set in July of 2000 (29 days, 9 hours, 3 minutes), and Dave Walker, Longest mileage non-stop on a High Wheel (203 miles). These are special people to me. Steve was the one who found me on the road after my near fatal header on Interstate 80 on June 6th, 2000, and Dave stayed with me in the hospital until Barbara arrived. Of course, Barbara is a very special preson to me as well, as she stood by me during the times when I wasn't certain that a recovery would happen.

The best man is Lowell Noel, an actor of some size, and best of friend since 1974. We couldn't get him a High Wheel that wouldn't break under him, so we opted for the safety of my mountain bike.

Below are the pictures from this 21 degree New Years day of the year 2001.

Steve and Paul at rehearsal

Steve legs over coast

Steve and Dave

Groom Party approaching the wedding

Ordinary Arrival

Wedding Party
Laura Andrea Serena Barbara Paul Lowell Steve Dave Mary Jo

The couple

Recessional, Barbara with her 1897 Arena, Paul with his 1992 Kennedy

Paul Brekus

Barbara Brekus

Paul in pursuit

Lowell Paul Steve Barbara Dave

Notice the bikes on the cake

April 5, 2001, the "Honeymoon" in Glenwood Springs

Glennwood Canyon

The Happy Couple

Honeymoon Kiss